Cross-Border Cultural Tourism and the Transformation of Indigenous Home(s) – Public lecture

We cordially invite students and colleagues to our upcoming public lecture by Ellen Litwicki (State University of New York) at Room X, 21 November, 16.00. “Many U.S. and Canadian tourists journey to Latin America’s indigenous villages in search of “authentic” experiences producing cross-cultural understanding and empathy. Mexico has taken the lead in promoting these experiences, […]

Transnational Americas – Conference

We cordially invite you to the forthcoming Inter-American conference entitled “Transnational Americas: Home(s), Borders and Transgressions” organized by the Inter-American Research Center, University of Szeged, from November 16 through November 18, 2017 at the Szeged Branch of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Somogyi street nr 7. For further details, please visit the conference website, our […]